I am a Gaelic visual artist. Gàidhlig forms a key part of the aperture through which I experience the world. I am interested in the overlapping layers through time of peoples, language, material cultures, relationships with the environment and how these connect and relate to one another. My creative practice is research-led and informed by these multi-faceted relationships as I seek to create a ‘sense of place’.

I draw on wide-ranging research practices including oral interaction with present-day tradition bearers.

I enjoy the physicality of working with materials to create new pathways of meaning - from ‘live’ textural casting off of Lewisian Gneiss, to painting with spring water from Tobar Brìghde’s healing well, to patinating work with peat ash carbon pigmentation or the neighbour’s lead smelted into sugar kelp… they become something new in the present, imbued with the past.

Alongside my visual arts practice, I teach in informal contexts.

I love facilitating others to explore their artmaking through creative, intuative and playful means.

I have wide ranging teaching experince from adult learners to private tuition and running creative clubs for kids.

I teach in both Gaelic and English.


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